About Our Cafe

Most people would say that we are a children friendly, non-profit café that wants to give all its visitors a break from the turmoil of everyday life by serving high-standard coffee and tea, affordable and proper meal and a warm smile.

But we are also a group of warm hearted volunteers from all parts of the world, that work together to make the café the biggest hit possible. Because every profit made and all our tips are send directly to a worthy cause. Thankfully this common goal also makes us good friends and a happy bunch to be with at the same time.

Our Mission

We want to bring together all the activities that you need during your maternity leave and when the little ones get a little bigger up to the age of 5 – all together under one roof. 

A delicious place that feels like your  “second home” . A place where there is room for fun and games and where you can enjoy something delicious from the café when your child is at dance, tumble football or ballet. 

Our Vision

A flexible place where you have the opportunity to join teams when it suits your everyday life and can freely choose between all our teams across our houses.   

We want to create a universe for your children with different play areas and where you have the opportunity to enjoy a good coffee, breakfast or lunch at the same time. 

We hope that you will welcome little house – we promise that we will welcome you and especially your child.

Cafe's Event

If you know your way around sound and light, and can help arrange small concerts and events… well you guessed it, you’re a perfect match for our Music & Event team. Sign up – we would love to hear from you.
We offer special activities for kids several times a week, and with your help we can keep it up – or even turn it up a notch. We make crafts, read stories and generally give the visiting kids and their parent a good time. This is probably one of the most giving groups to be part of. But be warned, to make children smile and succeed is very addictive!

Our restaurant offers

  • Cozy hall 
  • Garden terrace (in the warm seasons)
  • Large playground with seating for parents
  • Playroom

We warmly welcome families! Our playground is a true paradise for children. This offers a swing, a slide, a climbing tower, a trampoline and much more! And if the weather doesn’t play along? No problem, the playroom offers plenty of space to play. So parents can enjoy our wonderful dishes in peace and quiet.